Cooperstown Motel 101 Chestnut Street, Cooperstown NY 13326-1404   (607) 547-2301

Cooperstown Motel is conveniently located in Cooperstown NY...a small Village approximately six (6) blocks square and centrally located in NYS twenty-two (22) miles away from the nearest larger community.  Cooperstown NY has a population of fewer than two thousand residents (latest census).  However, our tiny Village often has many thousands of visitors daily [nearly ¾ million folks visit Cooperstown each year], but the extremely limited “In-Village” accommodations are available for only several hundred! 

Because Cooperstown Motel is actually located right in the Village of Cooperstown, our guests can leave vehicles parked here (FREE) and walk a few blocks to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum and many other excellent private baseball museums and exhibitions, restaurants, gift shops, and stores.  They can also walk to the many special activities, events, and attractions which reflect our small Village’s rural American values.

Our visitors can also walk to the many baseball-card and sport memorabilia shops; attend special autograph sessions, “hand-shakes”, and photograph opportunities; and participate in the many other special exhibitions and events.  Cooperstown Motel is close to everything important, interesting, and fun in the Village of Cooperstown NY!

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum’s exhibits recognize the achievements of the many “Greats” of Major League Baseball…and views the many events and special exhibits at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum honoring Major League Baseball and recording of the history of our Nation’s Pastime.  Cooperstown is also proud of our other important New York State Historical Museums that capture and exhibit the finest examples of “Early Americana” culture and pioneer daily life.  In season, there are Fantasy Baseball games for adults, high school games, and many other baseball games between various organized teams at the famous Abner Doubleday Baseball Field located just a couple of blocks’ walk from Cooperstown Motel.  Nearby, special Baseball Youth Camps have daily baseball games.

Cooperstown Motel rooms have private bathrooms with both tub-and-shower; 74 channel color TV: Time Warner TV Cable Service featuring all major TV Networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN, ESPN2, TBS, CNN, UPN, FAM, USA, MTV, SPIKE, TNT, GOLF, BRAVO, NICK, LIFE, CNBC, DISCOVER, FX, E!, CSPAN, SOAP, MTV2, PBS, HISTORY, TLC, TOON, MSG, TCM, WE, VH-1, A&E, FXSNY, AMC, SCI-FI, TRAVEL, OXYGEN, DISNEY, BBC, ANPL, FITTV, TVLD, STYLE, VS, MSNBC, etc.; and the local area-cities’ TV stations for local news and weather reports!  Depending upon the current weather (Cooperstown Motel is open all year), all of our rooms have individual room AC’s and baseboard hot-water heat.   



Cooperstown Motel has regular-size rooms (for one or two persons), rooms to which an additional single bed can be added (for three persons), and large-family size rooms that can be adjusted with an additional single bed to comfortably accommodate up to five people (up to six persons with another extra-added single bed in certain units).  A baby-crib can be added if necessary. 


IMPORTANT: Unlike the rural “outside-of-Cooperstown’s accommodation providers” where municipal water and sewer services are not available; Cooperstown Motel has New York State inspected, certified, regulated, tested, and approved fresh water supplies from Cooperstown’s Municipal Water Purification Plant and also have Municipal Sewer/Waste Treatment Plant services…Cooperstown Motel does NOT need septic-storage tanks, cesspools, or open-field sewerage-waste evaporation fields!

Our Registered Cooperstown Motel guests have a convenient place to park their vehicles here in our Motel’s lots (FREE for our guests) in our tiny  Village and they can walk everywhere to all events and activities without concerns for Cooperstown’s parking restrictions.

Although Cooperstown NY is world famous for the wonderful National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum and the excellent New York State Historical Associations’ Museums of Early American Life complex, Cooperstown also has the fine American Baseball Experience which features the “Pete Rose Museum” and the “Mickey Mantle Museum” collections and exhibits; Heroes of Baseball Wax Museum, and the challenging Virtual Reality Batting Cages. 

The Cooperstown Dreams Baseball Park, on Rt. 28, a few miles south of Cooperstown and the Cooperstown All-Star Baseball Village (short drive on Rt. 205), provide wonderful opportunities for 12-and-under youth to play and participate in daily baseball games and tournaments (FREE!) all day long.  One can also view regularly scheduled baseball games at Abner Doubleday Baseball Field just two (2) blocks from the Cooperstown Motel; and features the longest, continuously-organized Semi-Pro team in the USA: “The Macs”. 

A couple of blocks from the Cooperstown Motel, one can walk to the Abner Doubleday Baseball Field and see American Legion youth teams, Little League teams, competing high-school baseball games between teams from all over the Northeast’s schools; Adult Fantasy Baseball and The Legends of Baseball and the Over-Thirty Adult Baseball and many other special baseball leagues and teams that challenge each other to play baseball on this world-famous Abner Doubleday Baseball Field: “…where it all began!

Watch custom baseball bats being created and displayed at the Cooperstown Bat Company and/or Where It All Began Bat Company: in both places you can also shop for collectible, custom-made, engraved, and replica baseball bats of favorite players and teams.  Have outdoor fun at the Cooperstown Fun Park which offers mini-golf and driving range, bumper boats, go-karts, arcade games, batting cages, and much more.

Cooperstown NY has the superb Leatherstocking Golf Course (18 hole), open to the public, and once noted by Golf Magazine to be among the "Top 100 Golf Courses in the U.S."!  And, there is also the excellent Otsego Golf Club, “…one of the ten (10) oldest golf courses in the U.S.”--an excellent 9 hole challenge just a short drive (pun?) from Cooperstown…on the north end of beautiful Otsego Lake.

Visit Brewery Ommegang that brews authentic Belgian beers or tour the Cooperstown Brewing Company that brews English traditional beers.  Both offer guided tours and free samples!  There are also several excellent local area wineries…and more free samples!

Tour Hyde Hall, a “National Landmark Historic Site”; visit the Cooperstown Art Association's galleries and shows.  Attend the Cooperstown Concert Series that features live performances by talented theater professionals.  In season, Cooperstown NY has free outdoor concert performances and Summer-Stock theaters in beautiful surroundings.  See the nationally renowned Glimmerglass Opera that offers excellent performances highlighted by skilled professionals in their own especially designed theater located by Otsego Lake. Several local dinner theaters also feature special stage performances and good food.   

View events and exhibits honoring Major League Baseball and visit important the New York State Historical Museums which capture the records and day-to-day of “Early Americana” life via a complete authentic 1840’s village…and ride on the wonderful Empire State Carousel!  Cooperstown NY regularly hosts many special activities, attractions, and also has additional interesting exhibitions in other private Village museums. 

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum’s exhibits recognize and honor the achievements of selected “Greats” of Major League Professional Baseball…both players and dignitaries.  Visit many baseball-card and general sport memorabilia shops, attend the Major League Baseball players’ autograph and photograph opportunities, tour The Village’s special art gallery and craft shows; view historic Village homes, and visit interesting events and many other special activities in the Village of Cooperstown. 

During baseball season, take a two-block walk from the Cooperstown Motel to the Abner Doubleday Baseball Field and watch Minor League Professional Baseball Teams chosen to face each other in a special baseball game. It should also be noted that these Minor League baseball players realize that often sitting in the stands watching them perform are the Major League Baseball’s scouts, agents, team owners, and other important dignitaries.

Cooperstown Motel is an easy walk to the majestic Bassett Medical Health Center and Hospital Complex (a Columbia University affiliated teaching hospital)…ranked high among the finest rural teaching hospitals in the U.S.A. 

Cooperstown NY is at the south end of beautiful Otsego Lake: a 9 mile long, glacier-formed body of water that receives so much fresh drinking-quality water from its many under-ground springs (some are over 16 stories deep!) that its outflow is the beginning headwaters of the famous Susquehanna River.  Enjoy excellent swimming at either of the two Cooperstown municipal beaches or at the new N.Y. State Park system’s Glimmerglass beach and recreation areas.  Boating and water skiing, fishing and skin-diving, sail boat regattas and canoe races --including the Inter-National 72 mile Flat-Water Canoe Races (longest professional and amateur flat-water canoe races in the U.S.A!) and many other water sports are also available to enjoy.

It's even relaxing just to sit in Cooperstown's public waterfront park and look up the length of beautiful Otsego Lake...the original setting for some of author James Fenimore Cooper's “Leatherstocking” quintrology: The Deerslayer, The Pathfinder, The Last of the Mohicans, The Pioneers, and The Prairie.  Our Village, named for the Cooper family, was founded by his father, Judge William Cooper.  James Fenimore Cooper, world-famous as “America's First Novelist”, and his family are buried here in Cooperstown at the Christ Episcopal Church.

Nearby (another easy walk) and Open-to-the-Public, is the multi-million dollar Cooperstown's Clark Sports Center Complex which features two (2) Olympic-size swimming and diving pools, bowling alleys (8 lanes), completely equipped Nautilus training and aerobics exercise rooms, indoor basketball and squash courts; climbing-ropes' courses, vertical rock-scaling and horizontal-climbing training walls, and an indoor running-walking track.  This marvelous recreational installation is located upon beautifully maintained grounds…and this is the site where the Annual National Baseball Hall of Fame’s “Induction Ceremonies” are held; also a pleasant walk from the Cooperstown Motel!


Cooperstown Motel is family-owned and family-operated by the O'Brien’s; and all are life-long residents of Cooperstown NY.  Senior Al O’Brien personally shook hands with the legendary Babe Ruth at the first National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum’s “Official Opening and Induction Ceremonies” on June 12, 1939!

Contact us as-soon-as-possible by E-mail or telephone for Cooperstown Motel accommodations’ rates, room types, and availabilities for your Village of Cooperstown visit’s ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE dates.  NOTE: Cooperstown Motel is among the largest accommodation providers here…our rates have not changed in eight (8) years!

 Cooperstown Motel is in the Village of Cooperstown at the corners of Beaver and Chestnut Streets (Rte. 28 in town)…a convenient walk to the museums, activities, shops, restaurants, events, and everything exciting, interesting, and fun!